GH Fan Upset with the Way Alexis is Heading and Misses

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What (is General Hospital) trying to do with the Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Graham) character.  Once they have settled the character down and they are happy and get in love, GH takes them out.  WHY?  I thought Alexis and her husband were fine.  Please don't take her out of the show like you did Tamara Braun (Carly).

(Speaking of Tamara Braun), I don't understand why Tamara Braun (Carly) in General Hospital -- the real Carly -- is not appearing on the show anymore.  Did I miss something?.  She's the only one that makes that character fly as it should.  Will she be coming back soon?

Barbara W.
Fairfield, OH

 hspace=10 src=Dear Barbara,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on GH.  In writing soaps, making a couple too happy for too long actually makes the couple become boring. Conflict is always more dramatic and therefore, more intriguing.  We do not know what the powers that be at GH are planning for Alexis and Ric, but if they are in for yet another bumpy ride, it will be interesting to see it play out and hopefully bring them back together again.  In regard to Tamara Braun (ex Carly), she chose to leave GH when her contract expired last year.  As we understand it, the show did approach her to return after the first nuCarly (Jennifer Bransford) didn't work out.  But Braun decided she wasn't ready to come back as she wanted to explore other venues, like prime time -- she starred opposite Freddie Prinz, Jr.(above) in the new sitcom "Freddie," and feature films.

The Editors