DOOL's ex Shane, Charles Shaughnessy, Sponsors Hurrican

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 hspace=10 src=Charles Shaughnessy (ex Shane, DOOL) has gathered a rare and unique collectin of items for auction to help the victims of the 2005 hurricanes.  You won't believe what's going on the auction block.  Don't miss your chance to own one of these one-of-a-kind items while helping those in need after the hurricanes that ravaged the southern part of our country this year.  Here's a special message regarding the auction from Shaughnessy himself!  LMS

Hello everyone! 

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying the holidays with your family and friends.  With your help, we are hoping that our auction will help to make the holidays and beyond, a little bit brighter for those that have been affected by the hurricanes and that you will enjoy the auction items that you buy even more, knowing that your caring, your generous spirit and loving hearts, have helped in rebuilding and hope.  Your overwhelming response to us, since we first informed you of the auction, has been so genuinely heartwarming to us.  We are humbled and most grateful to all of you for your support, to everyone that has donated items for the auction and to those of you that have been helping, thank you so much.

This email is to inform you of the latest news on our upcoming Celebrity Auction for Hurricane Relief on eBay.  We would appreciate it if you would read this, check out the auction items, then help spread the word to others you know about their favorite celebrity items up for auction, in message boards or anywhere you feel is appropriate. The more money we raise, the more we will all be able to help. 

We plan to begin the auction on Friday, 9 December. Because there are so many items up for auction, not all of the items will go up at the same time, so we hope that you will continue to check our eBay 'about me' page and our website for previews of some of the items at this page for more information and new listings. 

Why are we doing this auction?  We started with the idea when Katrina hit. It was devastating. We wanted to do something more. Then 2 more hurricanes hit.  We knew that money was going to be needed to help for a long, long time, for all affected by all of the hurricanes, long after this was no longer a 'front burner' news story.

We felt that by offering the fans some really cool stuff from their favorite shows and entertainers, celebrities and artists, it would be a win/win situation for all, because we believe that every one person CAN make a difference and with all of us working together, the fans, the people and shows that have donated, I know that our efforts will alleviate some of the pain and suffering to the people and animals affected by the hurricanes, and help to rebuild lives.

100% of all the money from the sale of each item will be going to the designated charity like Habitat For Humanity and The Humane Society, and each charity will be clearly listed for each item and is carefully regulated by eBay's Giving Works program run by MissionFish

We will be offering MOST everything domestically and internationally, so to facilitate that, we will ONLY be accepting payment by PayPal accounts. If you need to set one up, this is the link:

We hope you will help with your support by spreading the word and also by forwarding this email to anyone that you feel will also be interested and by bidding on the auction items of your favorites!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, your generosity and for continuing to care.

Every moment whether born of joy or pain, has the potential for grace realized . . .peace, grace and best wishes,

Charles Shaughnessy

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