DOOL Fan Wants Days Revamped

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Tired of lackluster storytelling, fan looks to new head writer for help


Dear Soapdom,

When I first began watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES in February 1993, I could hardly get home fast enough, at the end of my day, to watch it. I loved DAYS and the people of Salem. But over the years, things changed. The level of writing declined and I am sorry to say, it has been a very long time since I raced home, on the edge of my seat, in anticipation.

It is my hope that Mr. (Hogan) Sheffer (DOOL's reported new headwriter) will be able to revamp DAYS into what it once was. Give the characters lives again. Let them be mother’s, father’s, son’s, daughter’s and grand-parent’s. Let them have family, friends and a career. Let the heroes be people that I love and villains that I love to hate. Make them  once again be people I can identify with. Families should join together to share joy during the good times and be there to help one other during the bad. Let the people of Salem have some fun, good times and romance. Strengthen family bonds and create true LOVE STORIES! Bring back the “super” in DAYS “super couples”!

Mostly, what I would love to see is a show that is strong as a whole. I admit to you that I am a huge Deidre fan and over the course of the last few years, I have only watched DAYS on epi’s that Marlena aired. But that’s not the way it’s suppose be and it’s not the way I want it to be. However, I reached a point where I just had no interest in any storyline and really only watched to see Deidre perform. I long for the day when DAYS will provide fans a show with characters I once again care about and storylines I have an interest in seeing. It is my great hope that Mr. Sheffer is the man who will revive a city that has been dead for so long and bring DAYS to a level that not only fans will enjoy viewing, but can proud of!

Ms. Becky Cohn (fan since 1993)
via email