Days Fan Stops Taping; Passions Fan Takes on B2B

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Fan finds DAYS too far-fetched; likes the sensitive Julian on PAS

Dear Soapdom,

I have decided to stop taping Days of our Lives and get on with my life. I find the show so far-fetched any more its unbelieveable. I have enough stress in my life, and this gives me more. Jan has gotten away with too much. I'm dissappointed in Mimi. Obviously Shawn has forgotten what Jan did to him, and Belle has never seen the cage Jan had him in. I'm just tired of the whole thing and wish they would close up some storylines.

Fran M,
London, Ontario, Canada

Dear Soapdom,

For the most part I agree with Lesleyann (Coker, Busted to Blissful, October 2004: The Good and Bad of Passions).  However, I love the senstive Julian.  That way we get to see the two Julians.  I am so glad he changed.  I love the caring and soft scenes with him and Eve.

However, since I didn't see the first two or three years, I saw a bit of the bed hopping and drunk Julian.  I did consider him as comedy relief, and not so much as evil.  I didn't see any of the agruments between Ivy and him.

The first  time I saw him was when Charity was trapped in the caves being pulled between good and evil.  In those episodes, Ivy was trying to be good.  But soon turned to evil ways, as someone trying to get even with people.  As Julian became senstive; Ivy was turning evil.

I love Julian when the role he plays is "the drunken Osborne." Those stories were hilarious, as was Julian.  So as long as he is able to protray such characters and remain senstive, that is okay with me.  That way he can be the evil, mustache- twirling man and the caring, senstive man.

I do feel we saw a bit of the old Julian with his scenes with Chad about coming to Crane Industries.  He was a firm and non-fliching character, with a "You better listen to me or else" inference in his tone.  I suspect that Fox will be on the short end of such attitude in the weeks to come.  It is ironic that he is an "Alistair-character" when dealing with Fox and his relationship with Whitney.

So what I like to say to the people who are missing the old Julian, watch what is going to happen as he tries to make up for not finding his long lost son with Eve and he ignores Fox.  I believe we may see the old Julian return!

Pauline S.
Seattle, WA