Days Fan Lookin' for Lovin'

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Where's the between-the-sheets action for John and Marlena?


Dear Soapdom,

My beef with Days of our Lives is that they don't know how to make the storyline ride enjoyable anymore, and they don't even reward starving fans with a love scene at the end of a long seperation between couples.

John and Marlena finally reunited, and again, like the last time after Marlena got back from the island, the show neglected to give us some lovin' in the afternoon.  Kissing is great, and nobody kisses like J&M, but where is the between-the-sheets action?  Oh, that's right.  J&M are fan favorites, and the only pairings that get that kind of action are the ones that nobody wants to see. The ones that make you want to gouge your eyes out and throw sandwiches at the TV.  We saw plenty of sex between John and Kate and Roman and Marlena. I guess a love scene on daytime is no longer a reward, but a punishment to fans.  It's no wonder Days is fighting for it's life.

Twin Cities, MN
via snail mail