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What happened to Belle's baby?


Martha Madison (Belle, DOOL)Dear Soapdom,

I am an avid watcher of Days of our Lives and have been for more than 10 years. My question Belle still pregnant? The last mention (of her pregnancy) was that it was in fact Shawn's baby, but she hasn't started showing and they have made no mention of it recently. I know they found out around the same time Hope found out she was pregnant and Hope is starting to show.

Just curious,
Tiffany Hartwick

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Dear Tiffany,

Thanks for contacting Soapdom. We had to refresh our memories, do a little checking with our sources over at DOOL, and dig back a few months to get to the bottom of your question. 

Unfortunately, the answer is that Belle is no longer pregnant.  Remember a few months ago, Belle was in the hospital in critical condition.  Although she made Philip promise that no matter what, no harm was to come to the baby, when she lost consciousness, the doctor told Philip that it was either Belle or the baby. Philip was forced to make the most heart-wrenching choice of his life -- to instruct the doctors to terminate the pregnancy in order to save Belle's life. 

The episode aired on Friday, October 6, 2006.  Here's the episode recap.

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