ATWT Fan Sad Jen's Dying

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"They are playing the part real well, but we still don't want Jennifer to go."

Dear Soapdom,

My mom and I watch As the World Turns everyday. We are so sad that Jennifer has to die off the show. She is one of our favorite characters.

We want to know why she is leaving the show?

She just got her baby back and Dusty. Dusty and “Red” were meant for each other on the show.  My mom was crying, and I was almost there, too.  I must say they are playing the part real well, but we still don't want Jennifer to go.

Thank you very much.

via email

Dear Rochelle,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Jennifer/Dusty storyline on As the World Turns. We couldn’t agree more that all the actors involved including Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer), Grayson McCouch (Dusty), Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara), the late Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal), Roger Howarth (Paul), Marie Wilson (Meg) and everyone else who is sharing in this tragic storyline are doing an amazing job.

As for Jennifer dying off the show, well, sometimes these things are out of the hands of the show writers and producers. Many times, it has to do with the actors themselves and in this case, Jennifer Ferrin, who plays the character of Jennifer, has chosen not to renew her contract at this time. She wants to spread her wings and try her hand at some other career opportunities.  Soapdom wishes her well in these future endeavors.

The Editors