Attention, Passions fans!

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Soapdom partner, TV Megasite, needs your help.


Ben Masters (Julian, Passions)TO: Soapdom
FROM: Suzanne Lanoue, TV Megasite

A friend of mine is taping Passions for me off DirecTV. It appears that they are NOT closed-captioning Passions, which means that it will be much more difficult for us to make transcripts for our site.

Please take a moment and go to their site at

Fill out their form and ask them politely to put closed-captioning in Passions.

Please keep it brief and polite. Please do not use bad words or threats.  Feel free to tell them that it is not fair to deaf people, though.  If you DO have DirecTV please feel free to tell them that and to say you are very unhappy about this. Please pass the word on to others.

Also, I started a petition at

Please sign it and pass it along to others you know that might help out...

I will be posting the transcripts as long as I can stand writing them up by hand, and hopefully some clips, screencaps, and summaries as well.  Let me know if you would like to help out with any of it!

Suzanne Lanoue
The TV MegaSite, Inc.
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