AMC's New Camera Technique

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Fans give thumbs down to jerky motion and grainy look

Alicia Minshew (Kendall), All My ChildrenDear Soapdom,

What is up with the current camera work on All My Children?  Instead of the cameras being on tripods, they are apparently hand-held now and are constantly shaking during the shots, making the show very difficult to watch.  Even the color of the film is not as vibrant.

Very lousy cinematography!

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Dear Eireann,

Thanks for your comments and yes indeed, All My Children has a brand new look and it's creating quite the buzz online.  Most of the comments we've seen echo yours, although we here at Soapdom are among those who like the new technique.

When Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and the women of Fusion opened their brand new hotspot, ConFusion, about ten days ago, AMC introduced a new camera style.  Gone are the staid shots typical of soap operas.  We are now watching  MTV-esque, NYPD Blue-esque camera work complete with jerky motions and quick cuts. 

Interestingly, today's hand-held cameras are pretty stable, meaning they don't jerk a shot.  It would therefore appear that AMC has made a deliberate choice to air the show in a "docudrama" format to give an updated feel to the 35 year old-soap.  It's even questionable if the show is being taped now, or shot on 16 mm film, or in an HD format, which could account for the "color being not as vibrant."

Is this new style here to stay?  The spokesperson for AMC was not at liberty to comment on that quite yet.  He also declined comment on why the producers and the network implemented this new style.  He did note, however,  that a formal statement from the network would be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

The Editors