AMC Fan Speaks Out!

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Surgery was a joke, and the guys who play Jamie and JR can't act.

Eva LaRue Callahan (Maureen/Maria, AMC)Longtime AMC Fan Says "Less is More!"

Dear Soapdom,

Watching AMC last week when Maria performed the tracheotomy on Edmund was beyond unreal. I couldn't even root for Maria and Edmund, it was so funny to watch.  But as bad as I thought that was, watching JR with Jaimie and some no-name girl character was worse. Those "boys" can't act, "especially," JR.  Why doesn't AMC understand to make stories work... you need to spend a little money on "real" actors... get a clue AMC. 

Obviously, AMC thinks younger actors are what the audience wants. Well guess again. What AMC's viewing audience wants are actors who are qualified to do the job well; make the stories believable, yet can have chemistry with anyone they play opposite.  Pretty faces aren't always better. I have said this many times over
and I will say it again. AMC's current vets are very qualified to do the job
on the make it work.. but they also need the writing to go along
with their characters to make the show work. Less is more in AMC's case.

Get rid of characters that aren't working on the show.   When Maria remembers
more and more (about her past), don't forget the MARICK brother's. Dimitri was every part of  Maria's life as was Edmund!  Get back to family units like the Dillons, The Martins, the MARICKS, the Santos, and then only then, can AMC get back to where it was years ago.    Submitted by VHomer719 11/12/02