ABC Daytime Fan Has Qualms with Two ABC Soaps

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Evangeline needs to get over Nat & Michael's no murderer

Dear Soapdom,

Hi.  I wonder am I the only one out there that thinks Evangeline on OLTL is a super insecure person?  She is always crying to John about their relationship.  She drives both of them crazy about Natalie always being between them, when in fact she's the one always bringing Natalie’s name up.  Not one time that they are together does she refrain from mentioning Nat.  John is super; he has shown her time and time again that he cares.  But nothing he does is enough.  She needs to work on her insecurities and then think about having a relationship with someone.  Right now she isn't confident (which I really find hard to believe) enough in herself to have a relationship with anybody.  She needs to figure out why she's giving Natalie so much power over her.

While over on General Hospital…

I do not understand why everyone keeps calling Michael a murderer.  He stated to Jason that he only placed the pillow over A.J.'s face because he didn't want to hear anymore of his lies.  He was distraught and with everything he has been though, it is no wonder that he didn't realize the strength behind his griping the pillow.  He did not set out to kill him. He did not even realize that he was pushing down so hard.  He just wanted A.J. to shut up and listen to him.  A.J.'s death was clearly an accident.  If he was anyone else's son  -- other than Sonny's -- people would not be accusing him of murder.

Diana G.