20 Year Viewer Wants B&B to Take Responsibility

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Please promote positive family stereotypes, not negative ones.


Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang (Ridge and Brooke)Dear Soapdom,

I started watching The Bold and the Beautiful from its inception, and I always enjoyed the little intriguing segments -- when I needed fantasy -- but the writers have shown such a blatant disrespect for family life!!!

I entered the field of family counseling because there are so many broken teens, who were tramautized by family: rapes; marriages ended; incest, just to name a few of the heart-wrenching situations that brought life-changing events in their lives!  Yet, without any concern for your young viewers, you place in their faces:

A sick young man like Rick, who believes it's alright to make sex with his young sister! Why not promote something healthy, like a man thinking of the effect this will have on the young woman over time?

Why does Brooke, always have to be a tramp? Where is your sense of moral obligation??? The twisted thinking of your writers have caused me to re-think my sources of entertainment, and I assure you, watching this sick twisted program will not be one of my choices!

For a change, let age appropiate behavior be the bases for a storyline; let your characters own up to their wrong course; give Ridge and Brooke a chance to build a fantastic company together, let a competitive development between the two companies come.  Stop making Ridge look like a cartoon character, and remember, you (already) have a grandpa look: Eric. Give Ridge a (hair) rinse.  It will add some intriguing statue to his character, make him strong, not a bully!

Young people are troubled with so many issues today. Isn't it your responsibility also to provide healthy alternatives to the sick projections of family life that you keep feeding the youth of America who are raised in dysfunctional families? (Your writers need to work out their issues in therapy!)

Please, let the lives (of the characters) be important!!!

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