Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, November 2, 2009

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Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Young and the Restless)The Halloween festivities continue throughout Genoa City, as Nick and Phyllis take Summer trick-or-treating, and end up, where else, but Sharon's front door. Nick is none too happy to see Adam there keeping Sharon company. Of course, Phyllis picks up on this and later questions Nick about his feelings on the matter. He admits that he is bothered, but only because he knows what a bad guy Adam is. Phyllis suggests Nick go back over to Sharon's to inform her to stay clear of Adam, which he (surprise, surprise) promptly does.

Blinded by Adam's nice guy act, Sharon isn't up for hearing from Nick about Adam's evil ways. As she lists his praises, Nick comes to the conclusion that she's falling for Adam, which Sharon denies. Having heard enough, she tells Nick (for the umpteenth time) that she doesn't need saving by him, to which Nick makes it clear that he'll be there for her should things go awry. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Adam are busy having a conversation of their own back at the tack house. Adam tries to plead his case regarding his ‘bond' with Sharon. Phyllis doesn't buy it, and lets him know that she's not going to rally behind him.

At the Halloween party at Jimmy's, Abby and Daisy are hanging with Chloe and Amber, who offer to buy them non-alcoholic drinks. Chance shows up and calls Abby and Daisy out for drinking underage, but is immediately clued in to the truth. After instructing the two to leave the bar, Chance then blows Chloe off after she asks him out. When leaving, he runs into Ashley, who got a lead earlier from Eden and Noah at Crimson Lights about Abby's whereabouts. Chance tells her he just kicked Abby and her friend out, and she takes off to find them. The two girls end back up at Crimson Lights, where Ashley finally locates her daughter and takes her home.

Also at Jimmy's, Victoria arrives and hits Billy out of anger over him writing the article about her. Amber and Daniel side with her, while Chloe stands by Billy. Goody two-shoes Mac tells Billy she doesn't understand how he could do such a thing, and says she won't back him up. Billy later heads to Colleen's grave to share his thoughts and feelings about the current mess he's created. Standing outside of Jimmy's, Ryder looks at a photograph of himself as a child, and remembers getting teased about his Halloween costume when he was little. He says "I didn't mean to do it" just before Kevin walks up and they head in to the party. The night ends with Mac and Chloe closing down Jimmy's, after which Daniel and Amber come out of the stockroom and share a slow dance. Billy heads to the Chancellor Estate where Chloe opens the door and they share a kiss, which Chance witnesses.

After her showdown with Billy, Victoria heads back to Newman Enterprises and is greeted with an envelope J.T. left for her, stating he's left for his new job in New York, and furthermore, doesn't know if their marriage will work. Victor and Nikki are prepping to leave for Belgium, when Victoria stops by to say she thinks she should quit Newman due to what's going on. Both Victor and Nikki agree to stand by whatever she decides. Victoria arrives just in time at the airport before J.T. leaves, and they decide to maintain their marriage.

Victor then heads to the Ranch, where he tells Nick and Adam that he, Nikki, and Victoria are leaving town, and they'll be left in charge of the company. Victor then meets Nikki at the stables, during which they share a kiss and talk about being happy together (yuck!!). Nikki surprises him with a look-a-like Zapoto to take with them to Belgium.

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