Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Peter Bergman (Jack, Young and the Restless)Chance and Chloe cross paths at the Chancellor mansion, at which time she confesses that she and Billy kissed the night before, but she blew him off. Chance responds nonchalantly and goes to get breakfast. Chloe questions him about his reaction (or lack thereof) and asks him to hang out later, to which he declines. He lets her know that he doesn't believe she's over Billy like she claims. Later, Phillip and Nina show up to find them arguing. He suggests they turn back around and leave, to which Chance immediately explodes, calling out Phillip on his lack of parenting. He calls him a "gutless coward" and tells him Ryan is his father.

Lily and Cane continue to make googly eyes at each other in bed. Lily states she enjoys feeling like this and Cane once again declares his love (uugghh!). They engage in more PDA while sitting at the bookstore (enough, already!), looking through magazines. When they arrive home, they are greeted by Neil, who receives the news that they renewed their vows. He's overjoyed for them.

Devon and Roxy are at Crimson Lights, where they make plans to go on a trip. He's worried about Lily and wants to check on her, but Roxy clues him in to the fact that she just wants to be alone with Cane. Neil shows up, and after discussing Lily with Devon, he offers to pay for his music expenses.

At Chancellor Industries, Katherine tells Neil and Jill she wants both of them to reap the rewards of Chancellor issuing stocks to the masses. They both are gung-ho about it, but Jill wants to know what brought this on. Katherine tells her she's hoping to patch things up between them, and hopefully this is a good start. They are later interrupted by Jack, who's there to tell Jill he's nixing an online venture that Jill came up with. Jill accepts his decision without argument, which makes Jack wonder what's got her so complacent. He questions Katherine, who doesn't give the reason, but Jack is determined to find out.

Jack meets Emily at the Club, where she goes on a rant about the article Billy wrote. They then discuss Patty-Jack wants to help her, Emily thinks he shouldn't. She says she's going to leave town, to which Jack is against. Paul arrives for a meeting with Emily, and asks her to reconsider leaving. With no luck in changing her mind, he wishes her well. Before leaving, Jill catches up with him and asks that he searches for Katherine's real daughter. Meanwhile, Emily gets a call from a man named Dr. Lambert, who she later meets. He offers her a job on his team, which she finds out is funded by the Abbott Foundation (whoops!).

Paul and Nina are hanging out at the coffee house where they are discussing, what else, the Restless Style article. Nina asks about Patty's doctor, as well as Nikki. He fills her in on her and Victor leaving town just as Phillip arrives. Paul leaves and Phillip and Nina discuss Chance, at which time Nina suggests they go back to the mansion and look at old pics.

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