Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Young and the Restless)Michael's at the coffee house on the phone with Daniel. He's telling him Ryder might have an alibi, which could make Daniel look guilty. Daniel wants Michael to help prove his innocence and Michael tells him he'll try. He goes over to Ryder and tells him he needs to prove that he's innocent, to which Ryder says he can. He gives Michael the make and model of the car he was driving the night of the murder so Michael can run the plates. The results come back proving Ryder's claim, but also that there was a guy in the car with Ryder at the time. Michael asks about the guy, but Ryder doesn't give him any information.

Phyllis is over at Amber and Daniel's place, where the lovebirds tell her of their June wedding date. Amber wants to discuss wedding dresses, but Phyllis tries to avoid it. Later when Amber leaves the apartment, Phyllis questions Daniel about marrying her. He informs her that there might not even be a wedding if he ends up going to jail for the murder in the ally. She tells him that he needs to be truthful with Amber about his situation before it's too late. Meanwhile, Amber runs into Deacon at the Club. He comments about her engagement, but Amber ignores him and goes to sit down with Katherine. Amber tells her she told Phyllis about the wedding and talks about how far she's come since her Death Valley days. When Amber goes back to the apartment, she finds Daniel looking sad and down, and he tells her he needs to tell her something. During the same time, Michael calls to tell Daniel that Ryder has an alibi for the night of the murder. After the call, Daniel tells Amber he can't marry her.

Also at the Club, Ryder and Deacon get into an argument about Ryder needing an alibi. They also talk about Deacon's child, whom he says he has hidden someplace safe. Deacon then throws Ryder out of the Club. Later, Deacon is in his room when Phyllis comes a knocking. She warns him not to mess with her son, and if he has evidence that will help clear him, to spit it out or Daniel will end up in jail.

Adam and Ashley are at the Ranch, where Ashley informs him of a new deal she's got in the works, and if all goes well, hopefully they can become a team. Later, Adam goes to Nick's office and offers tot take over Victoria's outstanding work, but Nick says no. Michael then comes in with the woman Adam claims sold them out to the SEC. She tells her side of the story, insisting that she didn't make the phone call. Nick says he has no choice but to transfer her from the company. After she leaves, Michael starts to tell Adam what he'll do if he finds out that Adam is behind it all, but Adam cuts him off saying he won't find out anything because he's innocent.

At the office, Neil and Katherine are going over business. She tells him about Jack visiting her and questioning what they're planning. Ashley runs into Neil at the office and she asks him about Jabot marketing numbers. Jack stops by and asks Ashley why she's there. She says she just missed being at Jabot. Later when Jack and Ashley are alone at the Club, he's under the impression she's changed her mind about helping him, to which she responds that she still isn't going to help him with the takeover.

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