Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Young & the Restless) 

Amber drops in to check on Katherine. Ester tries to turn her away but Kay hears Amber’s voice and welcomes her in. Amber has brought Katherine a scarf to use as a sling. Katherine has a gift for Amber as well. It’s a gorgeous broach to replace the one Amber gave her while they were trapped. Amber is so proud of it she puts it on right away. Jill and Cane return home. Jill gives Amber a heartfelt thank you for being so good to Katherine. Amber accepts the thanks and feels she should make herself scarce. Before leaving, she invites Cane to have a cup of coffee with her. He accepts to everyone’s surprise.

Over coffee, Amber and Cane are filled with regret for the way they each handled their relationship, “marriage,” and break up. There are no signs of a reconciliation, but peace has finally been made between the couple. Amber and Cane seem to have all new outlooks on life since the Clear Springs accident.

Cane is not the only one blaming himself, but now as word is spreading about the shoddy workmanship, others effected are blaming him. All except Katherine and Jill.

Though Jill is glad to have her mother and son home safely, she is still consumed with hatred for Jack and the desire to find justice in the homicide of Ji Min. After Maggie visits Mrs. C to check on her, Jill is angry that it is a social call rather than to tell Jill that Jack has been arrested. Jill decides to speed up the process of the justice system. She calls a reporter and anonymously leaks Jack as the number one person of interest in the Ji Min Kim homicide case.

Phyllis is relishing her temporary freedom. It is killing her and Nick that they can’t be together as man and wife, but they accept why and simply enjoy getting to be in each other’s company away from the prison. Phyllis is trying hard to get work done to keep her mind off her handsome husband, while Jack is focusing on Noah and Victoria.

As Phyllis searches for some papers, she finds the note that Jack had written to Sharon when he thought he was going to die. She talks with her friend and ex-husband about what it was like and his feelings on death. Jack is very vulnerable, although he has been putting on a brave face for everyone around him. Phyllis sees his vulnerability and tells him it is okay to feel the way he feels.
Phyllis learns that Jack is the prime suspect in Ji Min’s murder from Nick. She wants to talk to Jack about it but after discussing his ordeal in Clear Springs, she doesn’t feel the subject needs to be given any attention. Jack is a good man that would never hurt or kill anyone. As the day passes and it comes time for Phyllis to return to prison, she becomes nervous and sad. Jack can see something is nagging at her. She denies anything is wrong but breaks down in tears when she gets in the elevator to leave.

Victor works to get answers about what caused the collapse in Clear Springs. He happens to overhear JT and Cane discussing the investigation on the phone. Up to this point, Victor has been very accepting and gracious to JT but turns angry when he believes JT knows something. JT spills his guts about everything he knows, including his belief that David Chow is somehow involved. Victor understands that the investigation turned out to be something more than what they expected when Cane hired JT to go undercover in Clear Springs, and forgives JT. Victor turns his anger on David and Cane.

There is no change in Victoria or the baby’s condition but everyong is holding out high hopes for when the specialist arrives from Maryland.

This week war is waged over who is at fault and who is involved in the kickback scam in Clear Springs. Jill is out to get Jack one way or another. Read it here to she if Jill’s plan works to bring closure and justice for Ji Min’s death or if it backfires. 

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