Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Christel Kahill (Lily Winters, Young & the Restless) 

JT sticks by Victoria’s side while she has a parade of visitors. Today Colleen and Brad. JT and Colleen seem to have finally arrived in a good place in their relationship. Brad and JT are civil. Brad begins to grate on JT’s nerves, when he is trying to do the small things that JT would typically do for Victoria. Brad takes it well, and respects JT’s wishes, when he is asked to leave for the day.

Colleen confides in Lily that she hopes Brad is the father of Victoria’s baby. Lily has had a busy day before meeting with her friend. First, she checks in on her overworked father, and learns Victor is the one responsible for the accident in Clear Springs. This is good news to Lily, because that means that Cane isn’t liable. Lily gets the chance to see her Australian crush when she goes to the coffee house. She tells Cane how glad she is that he is okay, and off the hook for the accident. Cane tells Lily how scared he was and how he thought about so many different things while he was trapped. Feeling the conversation is a bit too intense, Lily needs to leave and meet Colleen. Before she leaves, Lily offers an awkward hug that turns into a heavy connection. Cane is mesmerized by Miss Winters.

After telling Colleen about the strange, yet deep hug and conversation, Lily decides to invite Cane to the  Enrique Inglesias concert at Indigo. Lily isn’t the only Winters family member using the concert to make a love connection. Neil invites Karen for a relaxing evening at the concert, to unwind after the stressful press conference, they just arranged and corralled.

Unfortunately for Lily, by the time she returns to the coffee house to extend the invitation to the concert, Cane has already accepted an invite from Heather. OOOHH! How awkward is that going to be, two women craving more than just friendship from the same man, all thrown together at the same concert? Vote below in the comment log on your choice for Cane. Lily or Heather?

Jack doesn’t pass up the opportunity to share his theory about Ji Min’s murder with Maggie and Heather. Confidant, and playful, Jack reveals “I believe it was Victor Newman in Ji Min’s room, with an upper cut to the throat” The boardgame-related joke doesn’t go over well with the DA and detective on the case. Getting serious, Jack tells the ladies why and what he knows about Victor’s movements and motives that day.  Heather points out, it comes back to one very crucial piece of evidence, the surveillance tape. It doesn’t show Victor or anyone else going into Ji Min’s room after Jack. All Jack is certain of, is he didn’t kill Ji Min and he is going to prove it.

Along with proving his innocence, Jack enjoys strolling about the office on his high horse watching Victor’s torment and misery. After Victor gives a public statement to the press, he is visited by Jack. Jack seems to be gloating and relishing in Victor’s anguish but  his motive is much more than childish gloating. Jack takes the opportunity to slander Victor, while sitting on the couch. Next to Sabato! With a friendly acknowledgement of Sabato, Jack walks out of the office with a hair sample.

Jack meets Maggie to give her the sample. Maggie takes it but throws the sample in the garbage after Jack walks away.

Jack isn’t the only one coming at Victor with barrels a blazing. Brad storms in laying guilt and negligence at Victor’s feet all out of hate and spite. Unfortunately, we can’t bring the Enrique Inglesias concert to you but we can report on all of the juicy gossip from the audience standpoint. We’ll be the first to bring you all of the action on and off of the stage right here at Soapdom.

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