Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Daniel Goddard (Cane, Young and the Restless)Post Halloween, Lily and Cane are hanging out at home enjoying each other's company and Halloween candy. Cane gives Lily a loving look, which she says she hasn't seen in a while, and they end up sharing a kiss. Unfortunately for them (fortunately for me!), Devon and Roxanne come a knocking and interrupt the love birds. Bringing over soup for Lily and planning to spend time with her, they instead are turned away when Lily says she's tired. Once they leave, Cane scoops her up and they head to the bedroom to continue their love fest. Lily doubts her attractiveness, being that she's bald, but Cane assures her that she's beautiful and he's happy he's been given the chance to be with her again.

Abby is still huffy with Ashley after being dragged out from Crimson Lights the night before. She tells her mom she doesn't need to worry about her, and heads to class. But first, she hits up Crimson Lights where she runs into Eden and Noah, and tells them that she got away with everything. Abby's friend Daisy soon joins them, filling them in on how she got turned down for a job at the coffee house. Amber comes in and after Abby tells her about her friend's predicament, Amber offers to try to hook her up with a job at Fenmore's. Much to Eden's dismay, Daisy took Amber up on her offer and headed over to Fenmore's to meet Lauren. Daisy tells Lauren that Amber referred her, and after a game of questions and answers and a reference check, Daisy lands the job. She goes back to Crimson Lights to tell Abby the good news, during which Ashley shows up and, once again, escorts her daughter out.

In the midst of disciplining Abby, Ashley makes a stop at Newman to visit Nick. She lets him know that she plans on sticking around and remaining on the board whether he likes it or not. Nick is okay with the news, and looks forward to what's ahead. Michael also visits Nick to let him know that it seems Victor had inside info regarding the Cayman Island ordeal, stating it will cost them. Adam swings by the office, during which Nick tells Adam to leave Sharon alone. Adam says they're friends and he's not going to hurt her. Nick still isn't buying it, and drops the news that he's going to send Adam out of town on a press junket. Before leaving, Adam, being not too happy, tells Nick to enjoy his power while he can.

Sharon and Noah talk about how he'll get teased about the whole Victor story. He also questions his mom about what she did for Halloween. Adam then visits Sharon, telling her about Nick warning him to stay away from her. Sharon doesn't react well to this, and thinks Nick's being power hungry. She tells Adam she'll miss him while he's gone and they hug.

Gloria and Jeffrey are at the coffee house discussing their money woes and how to get back what's theirs. Michael says he'll try to help them best he can. Jeff isn't too sure, but Gloria has faith her son will come through.

At Jimmy's, Mac and Billy continue to clash about Billy's actions. Sharon walks in and lets Billy know she's going to quit because of how all of this is affecting Noah and Abby. Lauren stops in to bash on Billy some more (enough already!) and tell him she's pulling her ads from the mag.

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