Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, November 5, 2009

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Doug Davison (Paul, Young and the Restless)At Jimmy's bar, Restless Style business is front and center. Billy's holding a staff meeting, where he praises the mag's success. When Chloe throws out a story idea that Mac doesn't like, Mac suggests the mag include a positive story-one about an everyday hero. Billy likes her idea, which pleases Mac. As the meeting ends, Chance shows up just in time to see Billy and Chloe joking around. Chloe tries to assure Chance it's purely business, but he doesn't believe there was really a staff meeting and walks out on Chloe. Later, after getting confirmation from Billy that there really was a staff meeting, Chance calls Chloe up to apologize. The two end up meeting at Crimson Lights, where Chance apologizes to her in person. They leave the coffee house together on good terms.

Also at Crimson Lights, Jack and Emily are discussing Patty, as usual. Jack's going on about how he's sorry he hurt her, and insists that Emily is the only one that can help Patty get better. Billy walks in and thinks Emily is Patty and freaks out. Chance comes in and arrests her, but lets her go once Jack explains the mix-up. Jack tells Emily he's sorry about the mistaken identity, at which time Emily informs him that she's decided to stick around in Genoa City

Cane and Lily's good times come to a halt when Cane notices Lily not looking too good. They head to the hospital, where the nurse tells them her temp is sky-high. Lily's admitted with an infection that needs to be cured before she can continue with treatments. Neil shows up, and both he and Cane are trying to be strong for Lily. However, Cane ends up breaking down outside of her room.

Katherine walks into the Club to see Paul and Jill talking, but they don't tell her what they're discussing. Jill leaves with Kay, and they head to work to meet up with Neil and discuss Chancellor going public. Cane calls Neil to tell him about Lily's condition, after which he promptly leaves. Later, when Jill and Kay are talking about Cane's devotion to Lily, Neil calls them to let them know Lily's in bad shape.

Meanwhile, Paul is still at the club, where Nina has joined him for dinner. She fills him in about Chance blowing up at Phillip, and asks him for advice on how to deal with him. Paul tells her not to push and just be there for Phillip when he needs her. They then talk about her screenplay and what it's going to be about. Chloe then interrupts them to praise Chance's actions yesterday, to which Nina is trying to hear none of it. She accuses Chloe of being money hungry w/out, and not having any real interest in her son. Paul then accuses Nina of being just like Jill, which doesn't sit well with her.

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