Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Young and the Restless)Billy and Katherine are at the mansion discussing Cane. Billy wants him out of the family and doesn't understand why Kay and Jill are so accepting of him. Kay tells him that he isn't her real grandson either, but she still loves him-just as she loves Cane.

At the same time, Mac and Cane are at Crimson Lights discussing baby talk. She tells him that her doctor gave her the seal of approval to be a surrogate. Cane, though happy about the news, is worried that the fertilization won't take. He also brings up how Billy has a problem with the whole procedure, but Mac brushes it of and says he'll deal. Later, Cane shows up at Jimmy's and gives her a kangaroo pendant, at which time Billy shows

up. Billy questions why she's agreeing to be a surrogate for him, and tells Cane he's not part of the family and Mac is not going to have his kid. Cane apologizes for causing a riff between the couple. Billy orders Mac to make a decision between him or Cane, to which Mac doesn't appreciate.

Chloe is visiting Chance in the hospital and gives him a drink called "Awesome Aussie," in reference to Phillip having lived there. She then asks about Phillip, and Chance says he hasn't heard from him. They then talk about their likes and dislikes, as well as relationships, before Chloe leaves to get a surprise for Chance. Outside of his room, Jill and Nina are talking about Phillip up and leaving without saying goodbye. Jill thinks Nina should be more understanding, which Nina disagrees with. Jill then accuses her, not Chance, being the one with abandonment issues.

Meanwhile, Phillip stops by Paul's to tell him about Chance's stabbing. Paul asks how Nina is doing, to which Phillip asks him to go to the hospital and be with her, since he's not good at that type of stuff. He agrees to go, but reminds Phillip that he needs to keep trying with his son because he is Chance's father. Paul shows up at the hospital and lets Nina know Phillip requested him to come. Nina became upset and started talking about him abandoning them again. He tried to comfort her, explaining how parenting can be hard. While in Chance's room, the three joke around and laugh at Paul's stories he tells.

Phillip is at the bookstore, and sees Chloe. He asks about his son, and she tells him he should go see for himself. She is buying the book "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for Chance, since it was her favorite book. He is buying "The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin" for him, since he used to read it to him when he was a kid. Chloe tells him he needs to be there with Chance if he wants to reconnect with him. They both end up going to the hospital, and Phillip's presence shocks Chance. Phillip gives his son the book and Chance reads the inscription, noticing it's not signed. Phillip says he didn't feel right signing it ‘dad,' but Chance encouraged him to do so. Chloe is left alone with Chance, and they agree to continue to get to know each other.

Outside his room, Paul tells Jill about Violet Ramsey apparently not wanting to be found. Katherine joins them, and wants to know what's going on. Jill says they were talking about Phillip, but Kay doesn't buy it. Jill then lies and says their secret is that they are dating each other. She then kisses Paul on the lips, which Nina and Phillip see as they are leaving Chance's room.

At their apartment, Daniel tells Amber about Ryder having an alibi. She accuses Deacon of having something to do with it, but Daniel still insists he can't marry her under the circumstances. They argue, and Amber ends up throwing her ring at him and leaving. Later, Amber is up on the rooftop remembering the good times they had. Daniel finds her, puts her ring back on, and asks her if she wants to get married tonight.

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