Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Eric Braeden (Victor Newman, Young & the Restless)Jack has a whole new attitude now that he has learned that Sharon intends on staying with him. When Sharon breaks the news to Brad over lunch at the Athletic Club, Jack happens to witness Brad gently holding her hand promising to always be there for her as a friend. Brad isn’t pleased, to say the least, to hear of Sharon’s decision, but he accepts it.

Cane runs into Lily at Newman, then again at the coffee house. Cane tries to make polite conversation about the faces of Jabot contest. Lily is polite, but ignores him on the overall. Devon can tell Lily is still hung up on Cane and warns Neil. Cane can’t get Lily off his mind.

Maggie and Heather are forced together to discuss work, but Heather confesses the new relationship with Paul is taking it’s toll on her and she isn’t sleeping at night. Maggie takes off her detective hat and puts on her friendship hat. Maggie wants what is best for her new girlfriend, and boyfriend Paul.

JT is on top of the world now that Reed is growing, and gaining weight. Each day he becomes stronger. One thing is nagging at JT. The investigation Victor asked him conduct against David Chow. JT doesn’t feel completely comfortable, but thinks it couldn’t hurt. Paul advises JT not to play into Victor’s grudges and attempts at playing God. JT meets with Victor who is adamant he wishes for JT to continue looking into David. Just what is in David’s life that JT may turn up? Will the private detective find it before it’s too late? And too late for who… Victor? Nikki? The entire Newman family?

Ashley drops in on Victor who is so pleased to see her. Ashley is on her way back to LA, but feels Victor needs a little encouragement. Ashley and Victor connect just as they always have in the past. Victor has some bad news on the way. Will his ex wife, and good friend, stick around and support the dark knight or will she scurry back into the chaos of the Forrester family and business?

Heather and Maggie get word from lab techs that the security DVR was tampered with and Jack was telling the truth -- he wasn’t the last person to see Ji Min Kim alive, Victor was.

A warrant is issued and Victor is arrested at Newman Enterprises.

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