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Home The Young & the Restless Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, October 22, 2007

Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, October 22, 2007

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Joshua Morrow & Sharon Case (Nick newman & sharon Abbott, Young & the Restless) 

“SOAPDOM NEWSWIRE:  Breaking News! Resort development Clear Springs has been struck by disaster. After a casino and underground parking garage collapsed, it is still unknown if the tragedy is an act of terrorism, sabotage, or a tragic accident. People are trapped and it is too dangerous to send rescue workers in at this time, though they are on standby. It is also speculated that those trapped could fall victim to methane gas inhalation, which can be deadly.

Nikki Newman who was above ground and near the structure, managed to escape harm thanks to David Chow pushing her out of the way. Nikki knows her son, Nick was most likely in the parking garage or casino at the time of the collapse. She has tried desperately to phone Nick or his colleagues Senator Jack Abbott and Sharon Abbott. No one in the party has been contacted to verify their well being. Ms. Newman has reached her husband, business mogul, Victor Newman, who is stunned by the news and concerned not only for both of his children’s well-being but that of Nikki. Victor has ordered Nikki to leave the area, by foot if she has to, fearing for her safety. It is reported and confirmed that Nikki will not leave the immediate area without making contact with her son Nick.

A source at the prison reports that the wife of Nick Newman, Phyllis Newman and friend to the Senator, learned of the accident from the television. She has been frantic, trying to reach her husband or friend pleading on their voice mails to please call her, and let her know they are okay. Luckily, Phyllis has her new friend Jana on hand to help her through this difficult time. Also, Daniel, Phyllis’ son, is in route to Clear Springs on behalf of his imprisoned mother.

Meanwhile in Genoa City, Victor Newman abruptly interrupts a meeting to tell Neil of the accident. Neil Winters, trusted friend of the Newman family, is asked to meet Victor in Clear Springs. Brad Carlton is apprised of the situation by Mr. Winters and drives the two men to Clear Springs. Brad, the one-time lover of Sharon, is concerned for her safety. This has been the second fatal or near fatal accident for Mrs. Abbott this year. The first being a fall from a cliff at a photo shoot after an argument ensued between Mrs. Abbott and the current Mrs. Newman. The earlier accident resulted in the death of Mrs. Drucilla Winters.

Keep it here for the latest on survivors and rescue attempts.”  End Report.

Nick is awakened by water dripping onto his head. He calls out for help and other survivors. Jack is the first to respond. Nick makes his way to Jack and they search for Sharon. When Sharon is located, her leg is badly injured. Jack is in a hurry to begin finding a way out rather than wait for rescue workers to find them. He fears they will succumb to the methane gas that could be leaking into the crumbled structure.

After making a quick splint for his wife, the threesome move as far as they can with the injured Sharon. The escape isn’t easy because Nick wants to argue over every detail. Jack is calm and in the right so they follow Jack’s directions. The final argument comes after a passage way out is found, but only two can pass. One person must be left behind to hoist a block of concrete up for the others. Nick immediately volunteers to stay, but Jack feels it should be him. They bicker and finally decide to draw straws though all are reluctant to leave anyone behind. Jack draws the short straw.

Sharon and Jack say their emotional good-byes. Jack believes he will not survive to see Sharon and Noah again. The real waterworks begin when Nick and Jack say their farewells. Nick admits what a great father-figure Jack was, and Jack tears up telling Nick what a good kid he was and still is. Consumed with pain, Sharon passes under the large hunk of concrete. Nick slips under as well. Nick immediately regrets leaving Jack behind. He promises, no matter what he will return for the Senator, though Jack had told him not to risk his or anyone else’s life to return. Jack injures himself from the weight of the concrete block.

Determined to try and save his own life, Jack looks for another way out. His injury, exhaustion, and fear begin to take over. Jack can barely hold himself up on pieces of rubble. Tears of a knowing fate fill Jack’s eyes as he looks around, surrounded only by broken rock and emptiness.

“SOAPDOM NEWSWIRE:  CLEAR SPRINGS UPDATE:  Back on the ground in Clear Springs, word is coming in that there are survivors making their way to the surface. Of those standing by, Nikki Newman is on hand screaming out for verification of who the survivors are. Word is one person is injured and workers are trying to pull the unknown survivors from the small opening. Above the chaos a familiar voice rises. “It’s me mom!” can be heard from the exit point. Nick Newman and apparently ex-wife Sharon Abbott are alive with little injury. Mrs. Abbott will be treated by paramedics standing by. Nick Newman informs the rescue team that Senator Jack Abbott is still trapped and must be rescued. A female team member asks “is he alone?” The report we are getting from Nick, who was the last known person to see Senator Jack Abbott, is that the Senator, indeed was left alone. He and Sharon are questioned about “the boy”

It is reported by the only known survivors that they did not see nor hear anyone else in the structure. The Newman family and Sharon Abbott are informed, that a 9-1-1 call was made shortly after the collapse by a Paul Williams. He reported being trapped with a ten year old boy by the name of Noah who is seriously injured, and three other adults. Devastation cannot describe the emotions on the ground after Nick, Sharon, and Nikki learn their son/grandson could be in grave danger or already deceased. Mr. Newman tries to bolt into the unstable structure he just escaped, to locate his son. Workers standing by had to physically restrain the frightened young father.”  End Report.

Somewhere underground Noah lies under rubble, unconscious, and alone.

Can Jack and Noah survived? Will a rescue team locate the Senator and young boy before it is too late? Are there other survivors? If there are people alive under the massive structure, can they survive long enough for teams to get to them or will they die from poisonous gases? The next few hours (days) will be crucial to those who are left alive after the collapse.

If you are playing the Clear Springs quiz here at Soapdom, one answer has been revealed in today’s recap. Correctly answer all five questions and you could win an “I Survived clear Springs” tee shirt. For the others answers watch Y&R daily or you can always check back here for the latest from the front lines in Clear Springs.

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sweetd said:

I love the intro the show is using this week. It really keeps the flow of suspence going when they cut away for commercial and credits.
October 23, 2007
Votes: +0

thevelvetchef said:

What a cool way to recap a disater!
October 23, 2007
Votes: +0

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