Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, November 9, 2009

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Joshua Morrow (Nick, Young and the Restless)At Newman, Nick and Phyllis are discussing the Cayman settlement when Nick walks in and basically gives Nick approval on how he went about handling the situation. Jack, with champagne in hand, proposes a toast to Nick’s efforts, but Nick questions Jack’s support. He also throws out a hunch that Jack was involved with the article Billy wrote about Victor, to which he denies. Phyllis excuses herself, and while making a phone call to Lauren, opens a letter. The contents of it take her by surprise and she quickly takes off. Billy himself ends up stopping by the office to give Nick a folder, letting him know there was no stipulation as to the content of the magazine, therefore there being no reason to kick him out of Newman. Nick then heads to the legal department, and Billy gets on Jack about his loyalty. Nick comes back and lets them know that for now, legal has decided to honor the injunction.

Meanwhile, Phyllis goes to visit Patty and shows her a letter she wrote to Summer, apologizing for Summer being sick. Phyllis accuses her of lacing the letter with peanut dust, but Patty doesn’t recall writing the letter. Phyllis goes on to verbally attack her, when Emily comes into the room and comforts Patty. Emily and Phyllis then go outside, during which Emily explains Patty may have gotten the idea to write the letter because of what Emily told her about remorse and taking responsibility for your actions. Phyllis isn’t trying to hear Emily, and says she doesn’t feel sorry for Patty. She heads back to Newman to fill Nick in on the details about her visit to Patty. Later, Emily and Jack are at the Club, and she tells him about her run-in with Phyllis. Jack then explains to Emily why Phyllis is so against Patty, and how glad he is that Patty can’t do anymore harm.

At the hospital, Lily tells Neil about her and Cane wanting a baby, which Neil is worried about. Outside of her room, Neil tells Cane she wants a baby so badly to please him, to which Cane refutes. Neil wants to know how they’re going to make it happen, and Cane tells him about Mac offering to be the surrogate. Back in Lily’s room, Cane and she discuss why she wants a baby. Neil comes back in and lets her know it’s his job to worry about her.

In the emergency department, everyone is on pins and needles about Chance’s condition, with Jill comforting Phillip. Chloe soon arrives and gets all the details of what happened. She and Katherine sit down and talk about what a good guy Chance is. Phillip and Nina discuss Chance’s predicament. Phillip promises he’s not going anywhere this time around and they comfort each other.

Meanwhile, Mac and Murphy are talking about death and babies (gee, how comforting). Billy arrives on the scene and Mac tells him about Cane and Lily wanting a baby. Before she can tell him about possibly being the surrogate, Katherine interrupts to rag on Billy about the magazine, but lets him know she still loves him. Later, Mac tells Billy about her surrogate proposition, of which he doesn’t like.

Chance makes it through surgery successfully, and the doctor lets everyone know he’s going to be okay. Everyone is relieved, and they all go into Chance’s room.

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