Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Friday, October 26, 2007

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{mosimage}SOAPDOM NEWSWIRE: We are coming to you live from the explosion site at Clear Springs. A young girl can't help but be frightened for her gentleman friend who has a large piece of shrapnel in his leg. Is he losing a lot of blood? Can the peramedics get to him in time? Over here, paramedics tend to Victoria Newman, who is unconscious. Looks like they are radioing for a chopper to fly her to the hospital. End Report

Colleen is frightened for Adrian. He tries to joke around about the large piece of metal in his leg, but Colleen isn't laughing. Adrian then goes so far as to jokingly say that they will be getting married in the future. Later, after Adrian has the operation to remove the shrapnel from his leg, he tells Colleen that the scariest thing about the collapse was having no light to see once he came to, so he was in pitch black.

Meanwhile, Sharon calls Daniel, who says that Jack will be okay. Daniel then tells Nick that Victoria needs immediate medical attention. Gloria and Michael bring Fen to see Lauren. She is ecstatic, saying that for awhile she thought she was going to die. Fen walks, which Lauren sees for the first time, and she starts crying hysterically, venting all of the emotions she felt while she was trapped.

When Jack arrives at the hospital, Nick gives him a big hug, thanking him for helping to save his and Sharon's life. However, Nikki tells Victor that she blames him for Victoria's injuries because he took time to pull Jack out of the rubble instead of looking for Victoria. Shortly thereafter, Victor's good deed does not go unnoticed. Jack thanks Victor for saving him.

Speaking of Victoria, Brad is angry that the doctors won't let him see her, even though her baby may be his. Just then, a doctor tells the Newmans that while Victoria's vitals have stabilized, they are curious as to why she hasn't woken up yet, so they need to do more tests. Meanwhile, JT is frustrated that he can't visit Victoria since he's not yet a member of her family.

At the same time, in Paul's room, Paul and Maggie recount the events of the day. Feeling lucky they made it out okay, they start to kiss and make love. The day winds down as David arrives at the hospital. An exhausted Nikki collapses into his arms in tears.

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