Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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When Nick sees Cassie appear at Newman Enterprises, he starts to cry. He can’t believe how he’s messed up everything so badly in this year since her death. She says that she wants to see what his life would be like if he had made other choices. So she takes on the role of “Clarence” and takes him back in time.

In an “It’s a Wonderful Life” kind of moment, Nick and Cassie go to the Newman Ranch on the night of Cassie's party when she had the accident. Nick watches as he agrees with Sharon to not let Cassie go out that night, and he tells Cassie that would have changed everything.

Next, they head to Phyllis' apartment and see Phyllis in tears. Nick tells Cassie that if she hadn't died, he doesn't think he would have gotten involved with Phyllis and ruined so many lives. They imagine what Phyllis' life would be like at this moment if he hadn't gotten involved with her. Of course what they see is Jack proposing to Phyllis. Later, they imagine Daniel getting dressed up to go to prom, a happy, carefree teenager.

Then, Nick and Cassie go to the Winters' apartment. Nick thinks that Neil and Dru have a strained relationship because of his hand in causing Lily and Daniel to run away last summer. Nick pauses to imagine what he thinks their life would be like without his role in this family's disintegration, and watches Devon, Lily, and Daniel all prepare for prom amongst a happy family.

Next, Cassie takes Nick to the conference room, and he watches as Sharon and Brad share their first kiss. It is painful for Nick to see, but he knows it’s most likely his fault. If only he had not pushed Sharon away. Nick then begins to imagine what life would be like if Victoria had gotten back on her plane to Italy instead of staying in town. He pictures her coming home with her new Italian husband.

Nick and Cassie soon visit Nick’s family, and he notices that Sharon is holding a baby girl. Too much for him to bear, Nick can't look at the image of what his family could be like.

Cassie takes him back to the Newman conference room and reminds him that even if she hadn't gone out to the party on the night of the accident, their lives still wouldn't have been perfect. She tells him that he can change his life each and every day and make his life what he wants it to be. She leaves him but says that she will always be with him in his heart.***Nick packs his bags and returns to his house where he tells Sharon that he needs to be with her and their family. He then announces that he is moving back in.