Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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By Dani Roe

Adrian and Colleen work on an article together at Adrian’s apartment. Adrian becomes quiet and distant, not concentrating on their work when Colleen brings up joining him in Paris. After thinking a while as Colleen works unaware that Adrian is struggling, he interrupts her work and asks if she is serious. When Colleen tells him without question that she is serious and wants a real relationship with him that doesn’t require hiding and sneaking around, Adrian tells her he loves her. Colleen returns the sentiment.

Shortly thereafter, Adrian must attend a meeting at Newman with Victoria and Colleen tags along to tell Brad about their decision. Brad and Colleen speak in the break room while Adrian breaks the news to Victoria in her office. After the shock wears off, Victoria wishes them both well and the best for them, knowing this is going to chap Brad’s golden little butt. Brad is cocky as Colleen attempts to explain how she feels about Adrian, but blows up in anger when she gets to her point. Colleen stands strong against her father, not tipping her hand in the slightest. Later, Brad becomes angry with Victoria who seems to be in favor of the relationship suddenly.

In the meantime, Victoria and JT have sex on his couch while the news of Brad and Sharon spreads through Genoa City like wildfire, everyone confronting each other about their supposed involvement. Jack, angry and hurt by Sharon, also feels foolish figuring out that she only confessed to the tryst because she had to. Jack admits he really wouldn’t be taking this as hard had she told him before they were married.

Brad and Nick have a confrontation as well as Brad and Phyllis. Phyllis is surprised yet confused about the news getting out. Phyllis and Nick talk and Nick emphasizes the importance of honesty in a marriage. Guilt and realization that Phyllis needs to come clean to Nick about her part in this fiasco, she goes to her husband and admits to knowing about Brad and Sharon and blackmailing them. Phyllis is very apologetic, begging Nick to forgive her. Nick is disappointed telling her he thought she had changed but she hadn’t.

Before returning to work, Victoria stops by Sharon’s house. As Victoria throws insults at her former sister-in-law, Sharon has a chip on her shoulder and is not apologetic or sorrowful. Brad and Sharon speak via phone and update each other on the individual responses and confrontations. Jack comes home and tells Sharon that they have only been married for 24 hours and they can get an annulment. Victoria tells Brad her instinct is to end their marriage but she remembers what it is like to grow up with divorced parents so for the sake of their unborn baby she will give their marriage another chance. Brad has his confidence back and later has the nerve to grill Victoria about seeing Sharon. Fortunately, Adrian and Colleen arrived before Victoria could let him have it for questioning anything she does no less anything involving the woman that slept with her husband.

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