Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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It's a day of Genoa City denizens displaying unusual behavior. First up, Gloria and Jack have a meeting of the minds. They agree that there is something definitely wrong with John. They confer with John's personal physician, and express how worried they are about John's mental health. Shortly thereafter, the three of them head to the prison so the doctor can examine John. Unfortunately, the warden tells Gloria and Jack that John has had his visitor privileges suspended since he threw his breakfast tray at a prison guard earlier that day. But Gloria won't be swayed. She protests, threatening to go to the press if they don't allow John's personal doctor to examine him.

Back in town, Devon watches as Neil and Dru argue all morning.

While across Genoa City, Carmen is in a meeting with Victor when Brad shows up. Victor makes introductions saying that he has hired Carmen to handle public relations for both NVP and Newman Enterprises. Moments later, Neil approaches Victor to tell him the he is going to explore other career opportunities because he feels that he is being under valued at work. Victor introduces Carmen and Neil, who then introduces Carmen to Dru. Later, Dru tells Neil that she's not going to go on the European Beauty of Nature tour. She decides to pass because she wants to spend more time with their family. Interestingly, Neil is anything but impressed. In fact, he is incredulous that she is being so cavalier in light of all the people that are counting on her in Europe. Then, it's back to Victor who next introduces Carmen to Nick. Carmen then informs Nick that she will be attending the benefit tonight.

Speaking of Nick, Sharon later argues with him about the impending divorce until Noah bounds down the stairs, excited about the benefit later that evening. Shortly thereafter, Sharon confides in Dru that she and Nick are getting a divorce. She opens up about everything, sharing that Nick cheated on her with Phyllis. In an attempt to hear about a marriage that works, she asks Dru to tell her about her happy relationship. Unfortunately, Dru can't oblige. Dru explains that her marriage is also going through a rough patch.

While shooting hoops on the GCAC basketball court, Devon asks Neil why he can't just patch things up with Dru, since he always tells him that family sticks together through thick and thin. Dru enters and says that she's decided to go to Europe after all.