Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Phyllis tries to schedule a DNA test to find out who is the father of her baby, however, the doctor tells her that she needs to be farther along. At the same time, Jack bursts into Nick's office, furious with him for carrying on an affair with Phyllis.

Speaking of Nick, he soon goes to Phyllis' place. They sit together on the couch, his arm around her. She inquires about Cassie’s benefit. Nick admits that he still thinks about Cassie all the time, and wonders what all of their lives would be like had she not died. They comfort each other for a few minutes, both wishing that things could be different for everyone around them.

On the other side of Genoa City, Brad sees Sharon in Victor's office. She says she is working on the plans for Cassie's benefit. However, it is easy for him to sense that something is wrong. She lets her frustrations out as he takes her in his arms. They embrace leads to a passionate kiss. They break apart just as Victoria enters. She too sees that Sharon is upset and offers her help in planning the benefit. Later, Victoria tells Brad that she saw Colleen at the club working as a waitress, and that even though she offered her an internship at Newman Enterprises, she didn't want to take it.

In lieu of prom, Lily and Daniel go to the GCAC for a special dinner. Gina tells them that earlier, a bunch of prom-goers were at GCAC. Lily and Daniel say that they are boycotting the prom, but splurging on dinner. Later, Gina brings them a "prom" cake.

In the meantime, Ashley invites Will Bardwell out to dinner. They also go to the GCAC, where Will tells her a story about him blowing up a lab when he was studying chemistry. They hit it off and agree to have dinner again soon. He walks her to her door, and they kiss.

Shortly thereafter, Victor and Nikki have a new meeting of the minds which soon leads to a meeting of the lips. First, Victor tells Nikki that he asked Jack to work with her at Jabot, and Nikki is thrilled. Then, she reveals that she has begun to believe that he has changed for the better, and he starts to kiss her passionately.

Meanwhile, Jack tells Ashley that Victor offered him a job, but he assumes he's playing mind games with him.***Finally, Nick goes back to his office late at night to be alone. He decides to leave, and on his way to the elevator, he suddenly hears a music box. When he looks up, Cassie is standing before him, gazing into his eyes.