Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Jack, Ashley, Gloria, Nick, Victor, and Nikki all separately read the morning's newspaper headline that Jack resigned from Chancellor Industries, The all feel sorry for Jack, all of them, that is, except Gloria. It’s not long before Victor calls Jack to again offer him the job at N.V.P, but Jack doesn't think he's serious and hangs up on him. Later, Jack gets into Phyllis' email account at Jabot. Phyllis shows up and is naturally enraged that he is snooping. They start arguing as Jill enters, who demands to know what is going on. Then Jill orders Jack out of the building.

Speaking of Jill, after getting turned down by Ashley, Gloria asks Jill if she can help out in any way around Jabot. Jill agrees to make her the fashion consultant to Jabot. Gloria is ecstatic and appreciative.

In the meantime, Sharon couldn’t be more delighted that Jewel agreed to sing at Cassie’s benefit and shares the news with Nikki. Sharon is sad, however, that Cassie can't be there to see it.

While on the other side of Genoa City, Gloria visits John in prison. She tells him the good news about her new job, but John is totally out of it. He even calls her Dina. Gloria attempts to pull John back to reality, but John goes on, telling Dina that it’s too late for her to come back to their family, after she abandoned them years ago. Alarmed, Gloria rushes to the prison doctor about John’s condition, but he attributes it to the confusion that comes with old age. Gloria is angry that he won't take her seriously.

At the same time, Victor notices that Nikki's pain pills are almost gone and can’t help but wonder if she has been using them to keep pushing herself to work on N.V.P. Nikki makes light of it, telling him not to worry as she would never become addicted to pain medication again. Famous last words? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, Phyllis is at Newman Enterprises looking for Nikki and encounters Sharon. Sharon tells Phyllis to leave, but Phyl stands her ground. She notes that she lives and works in Genoa City, so they are bound to run into each other time and again, so Sharon better start dealing with it. Later, Sharon overhears Nick making plans with Noah for a family outing on Saturday, and is upset that Nick is doing this without consulting her first. She tells Nick that his behavior is unacceptable and accuses him of using Noah as emotional blackmail. She then announces that she's filing for a divorce.

Shortly thereafter, Jack calls Victor one last time to tell him that he's not accepting the job offer, so to not ask him about it again. Meantime, Gloria tells Ashley that John is really sick right now, saying that he thought that she was Dina. Panic-stricken, she says that if they don't get John out of jail, he will soon die there.***