Sunday, January 22, 2006

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Sharon and Dru share a hotel room in Denver. Sharon opens up to Dru revealing just how depressed she is because of Cassie's birthday. Dru also learns that Denver doesn't hold the happiest of memories for Sharon, thanks to Sharon's past history with Cameron Kirsten and Grace. Later, while Dru is in Denver on this business trip, back in Genoa City Neil encourages Yolanda to work hard and follow her dreams. Then, as if from out of nowhere, Neil asks for Yolanda's help on a work project. Shortly thereafter, Neil finds out that Yolanda has asked for a salary advance so she can move into her own apartment. He puts her worries to rest, telling her it's okay for her to stay until she has earned enough money.

While on the other side of town in the dining room of the GCAC, Paul surprises Ashley with a bouquet of roses. His kind gesture does the trick to cheer her up.

Over at the Abbott's, Jack tells John that Phyllis quit her job and broke up with him. He briefs John about the wellness center idea, and they conclude it would be very expensive to undertake. Meanwhile at Jabot, Gloria inadvertently glances at the wellness center business plan. She starts to read through it until Jill enters. Gloria thinks that it would be a gold mine, and Jill agrees that she wants to look into it. Shortly thereafter, when Gloria returns home, she is shocked that both Jack and John already know about the spa idea, and both have ruled it out.

In the meantime, Phyllis thanks Nick for stopping Daniel just in time before he had the opportunity to drinkk any booze. While over at Brad's house, Victoria is surprised to see that Colleen is back in town. Later, Brad reminds Victoria that by marrying him, she gets a full-fledged family. Speaking of Colleen and Daniel, they get re-acquainted at the coffee house and in a quirky twist of fate, Colleen volunteers to pretend to be Lily's mom so Daniel can speak with Lily on the phone at the boarding school. However, just then JT enters and both he and Colleen are stunned to see each other.