Sunday, April 30, 2006

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When the Gibsons’ $35 million lawsuit bomb is dropped, Jack, Ashley, and Michael react in shock to the news. In short order, Jack pushes Michael to arrange a meeting with the Gibsons' lawyer in order to settle the suit. Ashley objects to Jack's plan. Meanwhile, Kay tells Jill that she's worried that Jack may not be capable of handling this new crisis at Jabot. Jill can't help but agree.

Shortly thereafter, Michael meets with Andrew Gibson and his lawyer, and presents Jabot's offer for a settlement. Michael explains that the offer is very generous, and signing it means that Gibson absolves Jabot of any wrongdoing in wife, Emma's, death. Unfortunately for Jabot, Andrew Gibson declines the offer as he believes that his wife died thanks to the negligence of Jabot. Later, Michael breaks the bad news to Jack.

While on the other side of Genoa City in the Athletic Club, Gloria and Kay discuss Jack and Ashley's attitude toward Gibson's case against Jabot. Just then, Victor enters, and announces to Kay that he's taken over as CEO for Newman Enterprises once again.

Back at Newman, JT takes Daniel aside in the conference room and says that he has ruined everything for him and Colleen. Speaking of Colleen, she tells Lily that she's going to tell her dad that Victoria slept with JT, hoping he'll call off the wedding. But Colleen gets a big surprise. When she confronts Brad about Victoria's one night stand with JT, Brad reveals that he already knew about that. Much to Colleen's chagrin, Brad announces that he wants to marry Victoria regardless.

In the meantime, Nick tells Victoria and Brad that he thinks there's something they can do to go against Victor's decision to take back control of Newman Enterprises. He explains his plan. He asks them to go along with his making Victor believe that he is fine with Victor taking back control of the company. Brad and Victoria agree. Then, Nick suggests getting Brad a seat on the board so that they have enough votes to try to oust Victor from the CEO spot. At the same time, Nikki admits to Victor that she isn't sure she trusts his word any more. Shortly thereafter, Victoria tells Nikki that she, Nick, and Brad are forming a plan to remove Victor from his CEO title, and they hope that Nikki will also be on board.

Then, as if dealing with the Victor situation wasn't enough for Nick, Sharon returns home from Paris and tells him that she doesn't know what she wants any more as far as their relationship goes.