Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Colleen gets a rude awakening as Lily breaks the news regarding JT's dalliance with Victoria. Naturally, Colleen is not only stunned, she's livid. At the same time, JT can't believe that Daniel spilled the beans to Lily. JT lashes out at him, incredulous that Daniel told Lily about his private life.

Speaking of Victoria, she, Nikki, and Nick are shocked that Victor has reclaimed the title of CEO. In fact, it's not long before Nick is aghast that his father is still instructing him on how to live his life.

While on the other side of Genoa City, Lauren shares the good news with Paul when she tells him that she's pregnant.

Shortly thereafter, Will shares with Michael, Jack, Ashley and Jill that unfortunately, the Emma Gibson's autopsy is inconclusive. It does not prove whether she died from the tainted cream or some kind of food poisoning. Jill then let's the bomb drop on Gloria and Ashley, namely that the Gibsons are suing Jabot for a paltry $35 million.

In the meantime, Neil and Brad face off. Neil insists that Victor has put him in charge of the Granville acquisition. Later, Victoria tells Brad that Victor is taking back control of Newman Enterprises and is returning to the position of CEO.