Monday, May 29, 2006

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Things are a bit confusing as far as John is concerned. First, when Jack visits the prison to see his father, he is shocked when John asks about Dina and Brett. Although taken aback, Jack patiently tells his father that Brett -- the man Dina ran off with -- died years ago. He also reminds John that Dina left them years ago. Shortly thereafter, Ashley meets with Will Bardwell. She is hoping he's found a way to get John released from jail. Later, when Will and Ashley meet up again, he reveals that there is nothing they can do for John unless his medical condition is serious. At that moment, Jack shows up and explains John's strange behavior at the prison. Jack believes that John is extremely disoriented. Meanwhile, Gloria pleads with Michael to believe that something is really wrong with John. Michael finally agrees to go to the prison to see John and decide for himself. However, when they get to the prison to see John, he's not disoriented in the least. In fact, he couldn't be more his normal, sharp self. So which is it? Is he experiencing some sort of dementia or not?

Back in town, Phyllis confides in Michael that Ashley fired her from Jabot. She also shares that Victor wants her to work at N.V.P. again. She says she'd love to return to N.V.P., but can't because of Sharon. Shortly thereafter, Jill shows up at Phyllis' office as Phyllis is cleaning out her things. Phyllis explains why she's emptying her desk. When Jill learns about Ashley firing Phyllis, she states that she doesn't want Phyllis fired. Jill then takes matters into her own hands, going to speak with Ashley. Jill announces to Ashley that Ashley will go apologize to Phyllis and tell her that she is not fired.

Speaking of Phyllis, Sharon and Phyllis face off in the hallway of Newman Enterprises. Phyllis gets the upper hand when she says that she knows that Sharon wants a divorce. As you can imagine, Sharon is furious that Nick would confide in Phyllis, and Sharon calls Phyllis a tramp. Phyllis then decides to accept Victor's job offer.

Across town at the GCAC, Daniel and Lily wait for Noah so that they can all play some basketball. To pass the time, the two of them goof around the basketball court until Noah arrives. He's very excited and joins them, saying that his parents are back together again!