Friday, May 26, 2006

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Things are definitely not going Nick’s way. First, he pleads with Sharon to not start divorce proceedings, but when she stays firm, he says that in order to grant her what she wants, he wants to wait to tell Noah until after the benefit. Plus, he also wants to continue living in the house for a while, to show Noah that they can still get along even though they're not together. Much to Nick’s surprise, Sharon agrees, but says they cannot discuss any of the legal aspects in front of Noah.

At the same time, Victoria tells Brad that the benefit for Cassie is almost sold out. She follows that by saying that she thinks it's bringing Nick and Sharon closer together, since he moved back home last night.

Across town, Ashley announces to Phyllis that she doesn't want her working for N.V.P. anymore, since it's aligned with Newman Enterprises. But Phyllis is not one to walk off quietly. Instead, she calls Ashley’s bluff, saying that since using Jabot products at the spa is good for Jabot's image, Ashley is trying to make her pay for hurting Jack. Phyllis continues saying that Ashley would be a hypocrite if she is angry at her for having an affair, since they have just about the same amount of sins in their lives. But her next comments are what take the cake. She yells out that Jack is suffering more because of Ashley's defective face cream than her cheating on him. Well, as you can imagine, Ashley’s had just about enough of Phyllis, especially after that outburst, so she fires her! But not to worry. No sooner is Phyllis fired, Victor and Nikki ask her to become a full-time employee of N.V.P.

Meanwhile, Jack tells Christine that Gloria saw John and said he's not doing well. He then notes that Ashley just saw John and said that he was doing fine, so he thinks that Michael and Gloria are conspiring to declare John incompetent so that she can get his money. He wants Michael to stop representing John, but still wants to get him out of jail. Christine comes up with a solution. She says that they can try to petition the parole board for an early release on medical grounds. Just then, Michael and Gloria arrive and Gloria and Jack start to fight about John's health. Christine steps in and says that if they want to help John, they need to work together.

Shortly thereafter, Brad sees Sharon looking upset, so he asks her if he can help in any way. Tired of crying about the state of her relationship, she admits that she is the one who wants a divorce. She tells Brad that he is the man who comforts her now, and if they had made love that night in St. Louis, they would probably be together.

Speaking of Sharon, she soon tells Victoria that she's nervous about going to New York for the "Beauty of Nature" line; with the benefit coming up she is worried that people will ask her questions about Cassie, not the products. So, she asks if Brad can accompany her on the trip. Later, Victoria asks Nick if he thinks it would be a good idea for Brad to join Sharon, but he admits that he doesn't know what would be a good or bad idea these days. So Victoria goes to Brad asking if he would be willing to join Sharon on a business trip to New York. Interestingly, he dodges the question noting that he has too many meetings to cancel them all. He then confides that he's worried about what would happen if he went with her.

The day winds down as Victor brings Nikki into his office and makes her a paper snowflake. Nikki is thrilled, and leaves to go to a meeting. As she heads out, Victor unlocks a drawer in his desk and adds the snowflake to a rather large collection of them already in the drawer.