Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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John Driscoll (Chance, Young and the Restless)Kinda of a caper day in Genoa City. Forged signatures, impersonations, will the scheming and machinations ever end? To wit...

Michael confronts Jeff about what is going on with him and Gloria and their money issues. Meanwhile, Gloria meets with Deacon who assures her that he is going to make her a very wealthy woman.

Meanwhile, Amber, Jana, Kevin and Daniel plan to impersonate Gloria in order to get into Tom's safety deposit box. Later, Deacon tells Gloria about the painting and that it is worth 50 million dollars on the open market and she can't help being impressed.

When Michael and Lauren see the effects of the dye pack on Jeff's skin they think he robbed a bank and threaten to call the police. Jeff is forced to admit he and Gloria are

broke. Deacon gives Gloria all the information on the bank in Detroit and a plane ticket just as Jeff eavesdrops on the conversation. Michael and Lauren realize Kevin and Gloria are both going to Detroit and something is going on. Meanwhile, Amber, disguised as Gloria, tries to access the safety deposit box. When the bank manager asks Amber to sign Gloria's signature, Amber does a poor job at the forgery and the manager won't accept it. Later, Kevin and Jana distract the bank manager long enough for Daniel to slip in and sign the paperwork for Amber.

Then, for some reason or other, Michael and Lauren decide to go to Detroit. Meanwhile, just as Amber and Kevin get into the bank's vault, Gloria arrives and announces to one of the bank employees who she is.

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe and Chance seem to be getting closer which bothers Nina. Later, Esther tries to make Chloe see reason where Chance is concerned. Nearby, Kay tries to lay things to rest with Jill but when she brings up the property taxes, Jill immediately gets defensive. When Chance gives Chloe a gift for she and Delia, Chloe is torn by her attraction and her guilt for this man. When Chance picks up on the fact that Phillip may leave town he asks his father to stay.

The day winds down at the nail salon, Jeff and Jill learn that Gloria quit her job just as Kay arrives wanting to know what Jill is doing.

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