Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Peter Bergman (Jack, Young and the Restless)When the truth comes out that Nick knows all, Jack is crushed. He admits to Sharon that he truly wanted to be the baby's father. Meanwhile, Nick makes it to Phyllis and Summer before they get on the plane. Phyllis fills in Nick about Mary Jane truly being Patty Williams and the possibility that Victor may be responsible for everything she has done. Sharon and Jack realize that the tie that binds them is suddenly broken now that Nick knows the truth. They say a sorrowed good bye to one another and keep their friendship intact. Nick decides not to reveal to Phyllis about the baby when he sees that she needs to be strong for Summer while they are in Switzerland.

Back in town, Mac finds Billy at the trailer in complete single guy mode, trying to make a point to her. Mac admits that she fears that their love for one another can't live up to the hype that has been building over the past six years.Meanwhile,

In other couples' developments, Cane and Lily debate whether or not Lily should go to hospital after she spikes a fever. Lily is overcome when she has her first hot flash from the chemo and truly starts to realize how much a toll the cancer is taking on her body.

Across GC, Adam defends Victor against Paul's accusations that Victor brought Patty back to town. Speaking of Patty, she catches Gloria trying to drug her and all hell breaks loose as she attacks Jeff. Gloria finds another disposable cell in her purse and persuades Jeff to call Victor this time. When Jeff calls Victor about Patty Victor is forced to hang up on him because Paul is still at the ranch. Jeff takes that as a brush off and decides to go back to the original plan of calling Jack. Jeff calls Jack through a voice distorter and informs him that he has Patty. Meanwhile, Adam is stunned when Victor agrees to help him get out of house arrest. Later, Jack vows to find the person responsible for Patty's kidnapping and destroy him. Meanwhile, Jeff gets a call back from Victor and decides to make another back door deal with him as well.

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