Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Peter Bregman (Jack, Young and the Restless)As the day begins, Chloe stops by the Abbott house. She has Delia in tow. Her play is to try and help get Traci's mind off her fear of Colleen. Meanwhile, Lily attempts to sneak out of the house to find Colleen but she wakes Cane on her way out.

Speaking of Colleen, she tries to help Patty instead of running. Colleen begs Patty to let her go for help but Patty is sure Colleen will just leave her stranded in the woods. Later, Billy and Lily reminisce about happier times they shared with Colleen. Meanwhile, Colleen finally manages to convince Patty to let her go for help.

Back at the Abbott's, Jack admits to Traci that Victor brought Patty to Genoa City and

promises that Colleen will not be a casualty in his war with Victor. Lily leaves Colleen a message on her cell phone, hoping that this was all a big misunderstanding. Meanwhile, at the lake, Colleen finds a boat and tries to push it out onto the water but it is stuck. Coleen loses her balance and hits her head as she falls into the water.

In the meantime, Adam tries to convince Ashley that she shouldn't reveal to Victor about the night of the rainstorm and what she believes happened. However, Ashley later admits to Victor that she saw Sabrina standing in front of her car and hit her but it wasn't Sabrina. Ashley later realized it was Nikki she hit. Ashley realizes that Victor doesn't believe her story and thinks that she is insane. Later, Nick and Victoria demand the truth from Victor, who evades giving them a straight answer. Victor cannot bring himself to admit what he has done but his silence speaks volumes for Nick and Victoria.

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