Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Jeanne Cooper (Kay, Young and the Restless)Murphy and Kay meet with Jill at the athletic club. Their intent is to inform her that she owes $100,000 on her half of the property taxes of the Chancellor estate, and they do just that. Later, Jill goes to the salon to pick up as many extra shifts as possible. Jill, however, is mortified when Gloria enters to get her nails done.

On the other side of town, Mac and Billy make a date to celebrate Billy finally ending his marriage to Chloe. Later, Billy and Chloe meet for their divorce mediation and Billy sees the woman he was first attracted to in Chloe. Just as Billy and Chloe are supposed to sign their divorce papers, Billy balks.

At the samet time as JT and Victoria are trying to discuss their marital problems, JT gets a call that the police found Paul's car and there was a bloodstain in it. Speaking of Paul, he wakes Patty at the church where they took sanctuary and explains to her that they can't

leave because the police are looking for her. Paul probes Patty for answers as to whom and what brought her back to Genoa City. Patty says that she came back for Jack. Later, Patty allows Paul to call JT for help but only if he agrees to keep the police out of it.

Later, when JT reaches the church, Paul is not happy to see that he brought Heather and Chance with him. Paul admits to Heather and JT that Mary Jane is in fact his sister Patty.

Shortly thereafter, JT confronts Victor about his true involvement with bringing Patty back to town. Victor denies everything, after learning that Patty and Paul are at St. Jude's. At the same time, Jeff and Gloria blackmail Victor with the photo of him with Mary Jane. However, Victor doesn't take their threats serious and threatens to call the police unless they get off his property. Jeff and Gloria argue over how to come up with some income. Later, Victor has a job offer for Jeff and Gloria, to find Mary Jane and bring her to Victor.

Meanwhile, Victoria visits Kay to find out if she has heard from Nikki. They both start to worry when no one knows where she is.

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