Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Joshua Morrow (Nick, Young and the Restless)Tough decisions continue to be made today in Genoa City. First, Victoria and Nick bring Michael up to speed on Victor's condition and plead with him to find a way to get Victor to the top of the transplant list. Meanwhile, Dr. Snyder pushes Traci to consider organ donation for Colleen but it is all too much for Traci who has just lost her only child. At the hospital, Sharon continues to have Braxton-Hicks contractions. Later, Sharon realizes she is actually in labor.

At the same time, Adam tells Dr. Taylor that Ashley checked herself in the hospital and begins to panic because the hospital could find out that she isn't really pregnant. Meanwhile, Jack tells Ashley to try to stay calm while the doctors check her out, it is the

best thing she can do for Traci, Victor and the baby. Later, Dr. Taylor manages to convince Ashley that the baby is completely fine while Jack is on a call with Billy. Ashley tells Jack to go be with Traci unaware that Adam is still stalking the halls of the psychiatric hospital. At the mental hospital, Adam checks in on Ashley. Alone, Adam worries about how to keep his secrets when Ashley isn't living with him. Later, a nurse asks Dr. Taylor to help a woman in labor and Ashley urges him to go to her, unaware that it is Sharon.

In the meantime, Victoria and Nick realize that Victor is never going to change, no matter what happens to him or the people he loves and have to accept him for who he is and love him anyway. They start to wonder where Adam has disappeared to amidst this crisis.

Jack returns to the hospital and finds Billy who fills him on the organ donation that Traci is facing. Both Billy and Jack realize that they need to be strong for their sisters. Jack and Billy go to see Traci, who is immensely relieved to hear that at least Ashley is being taken care of.

Michael suggests that the Newmans use designated donation and find a family willing to give Victor a heart directly. Meanwhile, Jack recounts his own experience with donation for Traci and tells her that she needs to do what she believes is best. Finally Traci decides to sign the donation papers. Later, Victoria and Nick tell Michael they will offer whatever a family needs if they can find a heart for Victor. After talking to Abby, Nick, Victoria, Nikki and Michael learn that Traci has agreed to organ donation for Colleen.

Ashley is touched by the support Adam seems to show her and her child unaware of the guilt he is trying to hide. Meanwhile, Sharon's water breaks and she goes into labor. Later, Ashley doubles over in pain and believes she is going into labor. Adam rushes out to find Dr. Taylor and runs into him in the hall outside Sharon's room. Adam tells him that Ashley believes she is in labor and he sees Sharon in her room amidst contractions. Adam tells Taylor not to call an ambulance and to deliver the baby at the mental hospital. Moments later, Adam sets off an alarm to create a distraction and allows a patient to escape.

The day wraps up as Nikki approaches the Abbotts about designating Colleen's heart to go to Victor, if by some miracle they are a match. Her gall stuns Traci, Jack and Billy.

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