Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Judith Chapman (Gloria, Young and the Restless)It's time to fess up, and although she hates having to be in a position to do just that, Gloria finally admits to Kevin that she is broke. Nearby, Amber waits anxiously with Jana to hear from Daniel. Deacon arrives and informs her that he hasn't changed any of his plans to marry her. Later, Gloria tries to convince Kevin to help in a get rich quick scheme.

Meanwhile, Amber and Jana are stunned to learn that Daniel wasn't able to get into the safety deposit box. Daniel explains to Kevin, Amber and Jana that the only person authorized to open the safety deposit box is Gloria. Kevin refuses to allow Daniel to say

anything to Gloria. Amber comes up with an idea to get the box open without Gloria. Nearby, Deacon has a proposition for Gloria.

Paul arrives at the hospital and checks in with the Newmans. As difficult as it is for everyone, Victoria asks Paul to find Nikki and bring her to Victor. Paul agrees. In Colleen's room, Paul and JT arrive and join Traci, Steve, Jack and Abby in prayer. Later, Paul receives a text from someone who saw Nikki the night of the storm. Ashley arrives at the hospital just as Colleen is being wheeled out of her room. All the tension between Traci and Ashley disappears as the two sisters embrace over their shared heartbreak. Later, Jack explains to Ashley that Victor was responsible for bringing Patty to town and also for saving his life. Then comes the bad news. The doctor informs the Abbotts that the tests confirm that Colleen is brain dead. They are all stunned and heartbroken as Traci refuses to believe it and Billy is furious. Everyone is shell shocked while Ashley comforts Abby.

While on the other side of the hospital, the doctor explains to the Newmans that Victor is going to be alright and that sends Jack over the edge. Later, Ashley finally goes to see Victor and just as she is about to admit to him that despite everything she still loves him he whispers Nikki's name.

Speaking of Nikki, she relaxes at a spa retreat.

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