Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Young and the Restless)Should Adam be concerned? He thinks so. Well, Adam begins to worry when Ashley starts to become more lucid about the night of the rainstorm. Ashley finds a cell phone outside but the battery is dead. Adam tries to get her to give it to him but she decides to find the owner in hopes it will be a clue to what happened the night of the rainstorm. It doesn't take Ashley long to learn that the cell phone belongs to Nikki. As a result, Ashley becomes convinced that Nikki was the one she hit. She decides that she is going to explain everything to Victor.

Meanwhile, Victor threatens Jeff and Gloria when they plan to go to Ashley and reveal to her everything about Victor's involvement with Patty. Later, Jill gives Gloria a job sweeping floors at the nail salon.

On the other side of town, Nick brings pregnancy cravings by for Sharon and she can sense something is wrong. Nick admits that Patty is still at large and that some people believe that Victor is the reason that she was able to come back to town. Speaking of Patty, she and Colleen discuss first love and Colleen distracts Patty as she tries to cut the ropes that bound her. Patty does a 180 on Colleen when she thinks Colleen is trying to trick her. A spider suddenly bites Patty just as she raises her gun in Colleen's face. Patty collapses from the venom of the spider bite. Colleen finally breaks free and grabs Patty's gun.

After spending the entire day in bed together, Daniel and Amber are knocked back into reality when Daniel remembers that he has plan to catch to Detroit. Daniel surprises Amber when he writes will you marry me on different canvas through out the apartment. Amber is overwhelmed with love as she jumps into his arms and says yes.

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