Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Thad Luckinbill (JT, Young and the Restless)As the action begins, JT gets into Mary Jane's suite at the GCAC and sees obvious signs of a struggle. JT calls the police to report Paul missing. Paul and Patty get into an argument while driving and Patty accidentally cuts Paul with her knife. Later, Patty is relieved when Paul's cut is only superficial and she gives him her knife. Moments later, they hear sirens and Patty fears that Paul is going to turn her in. Heather begins to crack, as she fears for Paul's wellbeing. Meanwhile, Paul and Patty ask for sanctuary in a nearby churc

At the samet time, Abby is appalled to learn that Jack is trying to put Ashley into a psychiatric facility against her will. Meanwhile, Adam helps Ashley prepare to fool the doctor into believing that she is not losing her mind. As the evaluation begins, Ashley braces herself. The questions begin simply until the doctor asks about Sabrina. Per Adam's instructions, Ashley merely laughs off the idea of ever seeing Sabrina. Jack is

furious when Dr. Jamison informs them that although Ashley is suffering from PTSD, she is in no way insane and does not need inpatient treatment. Adam begins to manipulate Abby when he plays on her sympathies for her mom. Later, Ashley has mixed emotions when Victor explains to her that the doctor declared her mentally stable. Ashley thanks Adam for his help and asks him to lay with her until she falls asleep. Adam hesitates but finally agrees.

Meanwhile, Phyllis pushes Sharon for an answer as to what is truly going on between her and Jack and why he hasn't been to see her once since she has been admitted to the hospital. Later, Phyllis seems to buy Sharon's story and agrees not to go to Jack about any of it. Just as Phyllis is leaving Sharon's room, relieved by the story Sharon told her, she sees Nick come charging into the hospital demanding to speak to a doctor about Sharon. Jack forces himself to lie to Phyllis about the paternity of Sharon's baby.

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