Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Young and the Restless)It looks like bonds are developing between Chloe and Phillip, like when she invites him to join her while she is waiting for Chance, hoping it will give Phillip and his son a chance to bond. But at the same time, Nina disapproves of all the time Chance is spending with Chloe. Later, Phillip admits to Chance that he has always run away from everything in his life and he is proud to have a son that faces everything head on. Nearby, Nina calls Chloe out, knowing that she plans to use Chance to make Billy jealous.

Meanwhile, JT runs into Colleen at the Genoa City Athletic Club and is happy to hear that she got a job at the university teaching art history. Victoria enters in time to see a moment of close friendship between the two. Later, Colleen warns Victoria not to throw

away everything she has with JT. Victoria covers her guilt regarding Deacon. Shortly thereafter, however, Colleen gets bad news when shelearns that she didn't get the teaching job after all. It turns out that the Dean saw her Genoa City hottie video on the internet. Then, Colleen learns that her mom is at the Newman ranch visiting Ashley and decides to go confront Victor.

Meanwhile, Traci sits with Ashley, who is a nervous wreck and it's clear she needs more help than Victor can give. Kay stops by to see Victor and wants to know if he has heard from Nikki. Victor brushes it off, saying Nikki left of her own volition but Kay is certain something is wrong. Victor finally admits that Nikki came to the ranch the night she disappeared to admit to Victor that she has loved only him in her life. Kay can't believe that Victor could be so heartless as to send Nikki away. Neither is aware that Ashley has overheard their conversation. Later, As Traci is leaving, Ashley remembers hitting Nikki with her car.

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