Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Jess Walton (Jill, Young and the Restless)At the bank, Gloria claims to the bank employee that if there is someone in the vault claiming to be her it is an imposter. Trying to stop a catastrophe, Daniel jumps in and calls out to Gloria. Kevin immediately plays along calling her his grandmother. Later, the foursome manage to convince Gloria to play along and Amber sneaks the Terroni out of the bank under her skirt before the bank manager has them all hauled out of there by the police. At the coffeehouse, Daniel, Amber, Kevin, Jana and Gloria argue over who gets the painting and what to do with it.

Jill could not be more mortified when Kay has found her in the same nail salon she found her in all those years ago. Kay is baffled as to why Jill would be back working for

nothing and decides to stay to find out what is going on. Later, Kay pushes Jill for the truth until she finally realizes on her own that everything Jill has done over the last few months was because Jill missed her. Kay won't let Jill push her away because of her ego. Kay subtly gives Jill a tip in the amount of $100,000. Nice tip!

On the other side of the city at the hospital, JT sits with Colleen. When he touches her face and Colleen's hand spasms, Traci becomes convinced that Colleen is waking up. Later, Victor is hit hard when he learns of Colleen's diagnosis.

At the same time, Paul calls the Newmans to let them know that he is following a lead to the Rocky Mountains to find Nikki. Paul knocks on the door and Nikki is stunned to see him standing there. Nikki realizes something is seriously wrong. Paul fills in Nikki about Patty. Nikki explains to Paul that she wrote letters to Victor and her kids explaining to them where she was and sent them to the ranch. Paul explains to her that they never received them. Nikki decides to stay away even though it kills her, believing it is best for all involved.

Meanwhile, Nick and Adam draw battle lines when Nick warns Adam to stay away from Victor. Shortly thereafter, as Ashley explains to Victor the reasons she has to leave him, he goes into cardiac arrest. The doctors rush in just as Adam, Nick and Victoria join Ashley. Nick gets a call from Nikki, who hears what is going on through the phone. Nikki exclaims to Paul that she has to get to Victor before it is too late.

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