Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Thad Luckinbill (JT, Young and the Restless)When we last saw Colleen, she hit her head and got knocked out. And it's all about Colleen today. As the action begins, time slowly ticks away for her as she floats beneath the water. Over the water, Patty shouts for Colleen but hears nothing in return. Patty talks to her kitten, certain that Colleen went for help and will be back.

Meanwhile, Jack confronts Victor about how cold and gutless he could be to force an unhinged woman to do what he was unable to. Meanwhile, Patty starts to fade and thinks that Colleen abandoned her. Ashley can sense something is wrong with Abby and she admits it is about Colleen.

At the Abbott house, Traci is embraced by her husband Steve. Later, Jana and Kevin

remember all the pain and fear they inflicted on Colleen in the past. In the water, Colleen's eyes pop open as she hears a little girl's voice reciting her a poem. A moment later, Lily comes into Colleen's focus. Colleen watches and listens as Lily asks her to fight and never give up. Colleen hears the little girl's voice again as Lily disappears and Kevin appears to Colleen. Kevin assures Colleen that she helped change him for the better and that there isn't anything she couldn't make happen. In the lake, Colleen sees a vision of Abby, who reminds her that they are the only two who can remember Brad and help him live on. Colleen finds herself in the water with JT. Colleen and JT remember their first love. Colleen then watches on as Victor, Ashley and Jack attack one another. Ashley pleads with them to stop fighting in front of Colleen but Victor continues. Finally, John appears and informs them that it is time to move on and that Colleen knows in her heart what she needs to do now. Victor realizes that he knows where Colleen is. Lily has a horrible feeling that something is wrong.

At the same moment at the Abbott house, Traci has the same feeling. Back in the lake, all the people Colleen love surround her, just as the light finally goes out of her eyes. Moments later, her eyes open again and Brad comes to her and takes her in his arms.

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