Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Young and the Restless)The drama surrounding Amber and Deacon's wedding continues to mount. In fact, on the day of her wedding, Chloe probes as to why Amber looks so miserable as she tries to make herself get ready. Jana arrives and gives her a picture of herself with Daniel to remind her of happier times and the keys to her car to get the hell out of dodge before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Deacon visits Ryder in jail and Ryder lies to him about what he told Daniel. Later, Amber refuses to stop the wedding. Daniel reveals to Kevin everything Ryder revealed to him in jail, including the fact that Ryder is working with Deacon. Kevin refuses to believe that Ryder is involved with Deacon of his own free will. Amber comes downstairs for the wedding dressed in head-to-toe black, which only amuses Deacon

more and shocks all her guests. After learning that Amber is being blackmailed into marrying Deacon, Chance steps in and tries to stop the wedding. However, Amber assures him that it was her decision to marry Deacon. Jana is disgusted with Kevin's behavior but he continues to defend Ryder until he realizes that the key to the safety deposit box is gone. Meanwhile, Amber begins her walk down the aisle towards Deacon before her resolve breaks. Daniel stops Amber's wedding and announces to Deacon that if he doesn't let Amber go he will never see Kevin's safety deposit key again.

At the same time, Nick meets with Victoria and the two discuss where Nikki could be, worrying about her whereabouts. Nick goes to see Sharon and admits to her that he hasn't told Phyllis about the baby yet. Nick refuses to deny his own child no matter how much hurt the truth will cause the people he loves. Paul, J.T. and Jack search the Abbott cabin for clues and become concerned when Jack realizes that John's gun is missing. Meanwhile, Colleen leaves strands from her scarf as clues for someone to follow her. Patty calls Jack from Colleen's phone and Colleen manages to yell the word cow before Patty disconnects the call and smashes the phone. Patty and Colleen reach Camp Cheveyo and see a sign saying Cowabunga. Patty realizes that Colleen was trying to signal Jack.

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