Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Daniel Goddard (Cane, Young and the Restless)Mac couldn't be more delighted to explain to Lily and Cane that Billy is signing his divorce papers at this very moment. Meanwhile, Billy remembers the day that Delia was born and admits to Chloe that he is having second thoughts. Lily gets suddenly irritated with Cane when he laughs about what a disaster his marriage to Chloe was. Lily finally realizes that she doesn't truly know Cane at all or can trust anything he says to her. Later, Cane assures Lily that no matter what he isn't going anywhere and someday she will believe in him again.

Shortly thereafter, Billy refuses to admit that his hesitation has anything to do with his feelings for Chloe. Mac is stunned when Chloe informs her that Billy wouldn't sign the

divorce papers. Billy tries to explain to Mac why he didn't sign the papers but she is just as confused as Chloe. Later, Billy steels himself and signs his divorce papers.

On the other side of town, Gloria goes out of her way to torment Jill at the nail salon. Meanwhile, Jack catches Jeff leaving Gloria a voicemail about Mary Jane. Later, Jill and Gloria see a news report of Paul and Mary Jane at the chapel and both rush out of the salon to find out what is going on.

Speaking of which, Heather stops Chance from allowing the police to enter the church. Later, Paul and Heather see just how far Patty has retreated into herself in the chapel. Alone, Patty finds a kitten and thanks God. Paul makes his case that Mary Jane is a woman suffering from severe mental illness who needs help and compassion, not the pokey. Later, Mary Jane calls Jack and explains that she is pregnant and he needs to come to the church right away. Jeff stops Jack on his way out and offers a partnership to bring Victor down. Jack refuses to make any deals with Jeff and goes after Mary Jane. Jill follows both of them out. Paul informs Owen that he wants Mary Jane put under house arrest with an ankle monitor, the same deal offered to Victor for Adam. Jack arrives and is stunned to learn that Mary Jane is in fact his ex-wife Patty.

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