Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, September 28, 2009

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Crystal Khalil (Lily, Young and the Restless)It's a gut wrencher today in Genoa City as Traci wrestles with how to say goodbye to her only child. Meanwhile, everyone else shares a special moment with Colleen. Lily assures her that she will fight to save her own life just as Colleen would have wanted. Later, Cane encourages Lily to finish Colleen's scrap book for the child she'll have one day and fill him or her in about their Aunt Colleen. Kevin is grateful that Traci allows him the chance to say goodbye to Colleen and promises her that that he will never forget that she gave him a second chance at being a better person.

While on the other side of the hospital, Nick returns and Victoria and JT explain that Victor only has a week or two to live if he doesn't get another heart. The doctor approaches Traci about donating Colleen's organs. Meanwhile, Victor manages to get on the transplant list but the news isn't very good. Later, JT is leaving to go home to check on Reed and sees Victoria with Deacon and is reminded of her infidelity.

Then it's back to the caper kids as Jana, Daniel, Kevin and Gloria continue to argue over what they are going to do with the Terroni now that they have the real painting. Daniel finally puts his foot down saying that he had a deal with Deacon and he plans to follow through with it. Gloria informs Deacon that Daniel has the painting. Deacon rushes out to go after Daniel just as Jeff arrives demanding to know what Gloria is up to. Gloria cons Jeff into believing she is working on a project with Deacon that will bring in a little cash flow for them. Meanwhile, Daniel, Amber, Kevin and Jana are astonished when Deacon shows up at the hospital demanding they hand over the painting.

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