Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, September 21, 2009

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Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Young and the Restless)
It's a day of tragic developments and firm ultimatums in Genoa City. But first, Adam panics when he finds Ashley packing and she informs him that she is leaving Victor. Dr. Taylor arrives at the ranch and tells Adam that it is only a matter of time until all of their scheming blows up in their faces. Then, Ashley informs Adam and Dr. Taylor that she is leaving and no one is going to stop her.

Speaking of coming and going on trips, Nick explains to Victoria that when Phyllis and Summer get home from Switzerland they will be moving off the ranch.

At the same time, Paul finally gets Patty to agree to turn herself in and calls Chance to set it up. As Patty pours out her heartache to Jack, she tries to decide whom to shoot. Victor

lunges for the gun and Patty turns, shooting him three times in the chest. Seeing what she has done, Patty runs off giving Jack enough time to call an ambulance. Paul and JT arrive moments later. Paul goes after his sister.

Over at the coffeehouse, Victoria gets a call from JT with the news of Victor and Colleen's accident and she needs help to steady herself as Nick reacts to the news. The Abbotts and the Newmans wait at the hospital anticipating Victor and Colleen's arrival.

Shortly thereafter, as the doctors and nurses take over working on Colleen and Victor and wheel them out of sight, Jack and JT arrive. They are all shaken when they realize that Colleen fell into the same lake where Brad died. The doctor informs the Abbotts that Colleen is no longer breathing on her own. The doctor isn't optimistic about Victor's chances of survival either. Victor manages to open his eyes. Later, Nick and Victoria learn that there are bullet fragments in Victor's heart and he won't survive unless he has immediate surgery.

It's then that Paul finds Patty alone and scared and she asks him to let her die. But Paul talks sense into her. She is however, distraught, and rightfully so, as Paul is forced to hand her over to Chance to be placed into police custody and taken to a psychiatric facility.

Meanwhile, just as Ashley is leaving the ranch Billy arrives and drops the bomb that Colleen was pulled from the lake and Victor was shot. At the hospital, Victor admits to Victoria that he wants Nikki to know he still loves her.

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