Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, September 14, 2009

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Michael Graziadei (Daniel, Young and the Restless)Daniel pulls no punches as the day begins. He's got the key to the safety deposit box and he shows it to Deacon. He declares to Deacon that if he wants the key he will stop the wedding. Deacon is no fool. He stops right away.

Later, Kevin is hit when he is up against both his wife and his best friend in defense of his new found brother. At the same time, Kay prays that Daniel is able to stop the wedding. Speaking of which, even though Deacon pulled the plug on the wedding, it appears it's only for the moment. Deacon tries to play it cool with Daniel and gives him 72 hours to bring the real Terroni otherwise he marries Amber. Daniel walks over to

Amber and sweeps her off her feet, carrying her out of the club as everyone watches on. Not long afterward, Daniel forgives Amber for what happened between her and Deacon.

It's then back to Kevin who interrogates Ryder at jail. When Ryder doesn't have a very strong story about his past, Kevin starts to believe that Jana was right. Later, Kevin apologizes to Jana for not believing in her when she knew something wasn't right with Deacon. At the jail, Ryder explains to Deacon that his mother came to visit him last night.

While on the other side of Genoa City, JT tries to evade Traci, Billy and Mac's questions about Colleen's whereabouts when they begin to panic that she is in trouble. Meanwhile, when Colleen and Patty hear voices out in the woods, Patty quickly covers Colleen's mouth before she can yell for help. Kay and Victoria ask Chance to start working on looking for Nikki. J.T. is speechless when Victoria doesn't seem to really care that Patty kidnapped Colleen. Victoria finally admits to J.T. that she slept with Deacon. Later, Traci is hit again when she learns that Patty is armed. Lily is startled when her eyebrows start falling out.

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